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Self-advocacy workshops for LGBTQI+ autistic people

Self-advocacy workshops for LGBTQI+ autistic people

These workshops will help you become more confident to speak for yourself and learn more about your rights. This can help you to get better support from health and social care services.
Do you think that health and social care services should be more accessible to you?
Do you think that health and social care staff don’t understand that you are a LGBTQI+ autistic person?
Do you find it hard to tell health and care staff about yourself and what you want?
These workshops can help, you will learn more about:
  • Self-advocacy and your rights
  • Groups and people who can support you
  • Resources you can use to help you deal with barriers when you use health and social care services
We will be having 5 workshops every Wednesday from 23rd February.
You should come to all 5 workshops.
The workshops are on these dates:
  • Wednesday 23rd February
  • Wednesday 2nd March
  • Wednesday 9th March
  • Wednesday 16th March
  • Wednesday 23rd March
The workshops will run from 6pm until 7pm and will be online using zoom.
Is this a bad time for you? Please email and let us know this, we can talk more with you about arranging some workshops at a different time or day.

We know that workshops online are not accessible to everyone, email if you want to do in-person workshops – we hope to offer them in a few months.
The workshops will be given by LGBTQI+ autistic people.
We will also be doing workshops for LGBTQI+ people with a learning disability. Autistic people with a learning disability can decide which workshops to do, get in touch if you want to talk more about this.
The Out Spoken project is open to all autistic LGBTQI+ people, including people who may be waiting for an autism diagnosis and people who have self-defined as autistic.
LGBTQI+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex.
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