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Exploring Sex and Relationships (My Equality Session)

Exploring Sex and Relationships (My Equality Session)

This is a private Training event for staff at My Equality.
Session 1:
Friendships & Relationships: Exploring the differences.  
Beginning and ending a relationship  
Making friends, issues of trust, honesty and dealing with disagreements  
Physical attraction 
Being on your own, personal safety and making choices    
Talking about Sex - Is it Consensual? 
What is sex and masturbation  
Deciding when or if to have sex, using contraception  
Different types of sex - oral, anal, vaginal sex 
Session 2:
Safer Sex and Contraception
Sexually transmitted infections - how to avoid them and where to go for treatment  
Different types of contraception, how it works and where to go for advice
Recognising abuse  
Saying no     
Rape and the law
Disclosure, reporting abuse and where to get help  
LGBTQI+ Identities  
Terms and definitions/ Pronouns  
Sex and gender  
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