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The Discharge Toolkit

A project to create two new resources to help patients in specialist learning disability or mental health hospital services plan for leaving hospital.
The Discharge Toolkit
Download the Discharge Toolkit

Download the Discharge Planner

These resources were produced by CHANGE with the support of NHS England, Local Government Association, and ADASS, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services.

The Discharge Toolkit has lots of useful information:

• When will I be discharged?
• Where will I live?
• Getting help from an advocate
• Who will support me?
• My rights
• Community Services
• What if things don’t go to plan?

The Discharge Planner helps you work with others to make good plans for leaving hospital.

You can use it to record information that you and the people who support you need to know about your hopes and choices as part of the plan.

The planner also helps you keep track of meetings and who is doing what to make the plan happen.

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