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Easy Read in the Criminal Justice System

CHANGE has undertaken a variety of work around offending and the criminal justice system.
Easy Read in the Criminal Justice System
A recent study found that 7% of people in the prison system have a learning disability. CHANGES work in this area aims to ensure that prisoners with learning disabilities have better understanding and access to policies which affect their stay in custody, to enable them to interact with prisons more constructively and help reduce the risk of reoffending. 

In 2014 CHANGE worked with St. Giles Trust to pilot an easy-read champion programme in two local prisons. Prisoners were trained by CHANGE to make easy read information. This project is funded by the National Offender Management Service.

In 2020 CHANGE developed and easy read 'Release Plan Diary' with the Hardman Trust to support ex-offenders re-integrate into society following their release.

In 2021 CHANGE worked with the Ministry of Justice to develeop accessible information to help offenders through the adjudication process.

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