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Free Easy Read resources

Here are some of our free Easy Read resources for you to download, use and share today!
Free Easy Read resources

Accessible Information Standard

The Accessible Information Standard was launched in August 2016; what does it mean and how can you implement it in your organisation? These resources can help.

Your Rights Under the Accessible Information Standard - This is an Easy Read guide on what the Accessible Information Standard means for people with learning disabilities. It's great for supporting people to understand their rights.

How to Make Information Accessible -  This guide is full of tips on how to make your own Easy Read.

5 Steps of the Accessible Information Standard - This how-to document contains practical advice to help you implement the Standard.

What you need to know about GDPR - An easy read guide on your rights and responsibilities under the new law as a member of staff or volunteer.
Free Easy Read resources

If you work with patients with learning disabilities

The Discharge Toolkit - This accessible pack includes the Discharge Planner which helps people with learning disabilities to make their own decisions and plan for leaving hospital/living in the community.

Communication Card - This resource is ready for you to use or share to help people with learning disabilities choose how they prefer to receive information.

Easy Read Cancer Booklets - We made 52 accessible booklets about cancer which are free to order and download from the Macmillan website.

What is Hepatitis? - An Easy Read guide about Hepatitis.

What to Do When You Have Type 2 Diabetes - An accessible guide about Type 2 Diabetes.
Free Easy Read resources

Your rights

What is Safeguarding? - An Easy Read guide to support someone to understand safeguarding and their rights.

Keeping Safe Online - A guide about different types of online abuse, how to keep safe online, warning signs, and what to do if you feel you are unsafe. Produced with Care Management group. 

General information
How to cope in a heat wave - a short flyer with tips on coping in hot weather.

What is Insurance? - an easy read document explaining insurance, made with Zurich Insurance.
Free Easy Read resources

Projects and Accessible Information Portfolios

If you would like us to make your information accessible, get in touch or browse through our latest portfolio for examples of our work.

Read about our local, national and internationl project work here .
Written by GemmaTurner
December 7 / 2016
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