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Accessible Information Standard Training

Accessible Information Standard Training

On 31st July all health and social care organisations must comply with the NHS England Accessible Information Standard. During this interactive training day you will learn about your obligations under the Standard and how to improve your communication skills across all of your working practice. 
All our training is delivered by two co-worker trainers, one with and one without learning disabilities.

The day will consist of:
  • Introductory interactive exercise of how find out, use and share information in our everyday lives
  • Exploring different communication needs, what resources can be used
  • When communication/support needs aren’t met, how this affects people and what could be done differently
  • Interactive listening exercise
  • The 5 Steps of the Accessible Information Standard
  • Drama of experience at the pharmacy, how could the situation have been better
  • Guide to producing Easy Read. Group experience how to make a document accessible
  • How might you use the skills learnt today in your work
  • What difficulties do you foresee
  • Individual action plans on what group will do next
By law all NHS and adult social care providers have to adhere to the Accessible Information Standard by July 31st. This standard is however a model of good practice for all people in contact with adults with learning disabilities and or sensory impairments, and the communication skills training is beneficial for all service providers.
MSE Meeting Rooms, London, W1D 2HG
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