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Why inclusive employment is so important to us

Monday 10th October is World Mental Health Day and we’re talking about how employment in meaningful jobs can benefit the wellbeing of people with learning disabilities. 
Why inclusive employment is so important to us

Mental wellbeing

We know from research that improving our wellbeing includes feeling connected, being active and learning.

In our report More Information, Less Medication we look at how to reduce the over medication of people with learning disabilities with mental health issues.

A key recommendation includes employing more people with learning disabilities due to the link between employment and positive mental health.

Why inclusive employment is so important to us

Creating a solution

Employment can be full of barriers for people with learning disabilities, from information not being accessible to attitudes of other staff.

We know  that  65% of people with learning disabilities would like a paid job, but only 6% have one. 

At CHANGE we have a co-working model for employment. This means that we employ people with learning disabilities on equal salaries to co-lead on all of our projects.
Why inclusive employment is so important to us

Impact and benefits

“When I go home I feel part of my community, I go out, I buy things and I see my friends. It’s brilliant!” - Catherine, Lead Trainer at CHANGE

Co-working also means we impact everyone, including people with learning disabilities outside of CHANGE.

“When I deliver training I feel great because I am using my expertise to make things better for other people with  learning disabilities.” – Catherine. 
Why inclusive employment is so important to us

Our message

On World Mental Health Day CHANGE would like to urge you to seek how you could be more inclusive in your employment. 

To hear more about Catherine’s story watch our short film as she discusses life before and after working at CHANGE.

If you would like to find out more about CHANGE, the training we provide, or  have any other questions – please get in touch
Written by GemmaTurner
October 10 / 2016
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