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CHANGE appeal for your support

CHANGE Appeal for your support
CHANGE is a human rights’ organisation working with and for all people with learning disabilities to ensure they become equal and empowered citizens of our communities by having access to decent jobs, good services, the right care and accessible information suited to their needs.

Read Shaun's Flyer: Shaun's-flyer
Although we are moving towards achieving these goals, there is still a very long way to go and a phenomenal amount of work still needs to be put into achieving them.
We are based in Leeds, and work nationwide and worldwide towards a more equal and inclusive future for all. Some of the dedicated professionals we employ not only have a wealth of experience behind them, but also have a learning disability themselves. People with learning disabilities and their stories are the inspiration behind everything that we do.
This is an appeal for your support. No matter how much or how little, every contribution helps! We rely on donations to do the work that we do: campaigning for inclusion and equal rights, influencing national policy, advising services, conducting research and making information accessible. We rely on businesses like yours and people like you to support our activity so that we can continue to influence and produce the change that is needed.
If you would like to support us,  you can do so by donating towards the important work that we are doing.
A Big Thank you!
From all of us at CHANGE!
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August 9 / 2017
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